Attention Online and Offline Marketers:

Hi, I'm Martin Blakley. For the last six years I've been working on my own private URL redirect solution. I like to use it to keep track of Click through rates and track which of my groups responds better to resources I bring them.

I like to use Social Media alot. As you may have already discovered it can be a real Mine Field out there using Social Media. Lately I've started noticing that Facebook is picking and selecting what kind of links we are able to post on their platform. One of the ones I use the most, JVZoo, has been coming up blocked and not allowing me to post.

Now it isn't like I use raw live JVZoo links I always use my URL Shortener so that I can track them. Problem is that Facebook can see the link as it goes to read the page to put one of those links with pictures they like to do. So it isn't just mine, it is stopping any of the URL Shorteners that work in the same manner. You can see what I'm talking about in this short video and also see what I've done to circumvent the problem.

After using a Clickable Image Link service in conjunction with my URL Shortener and seeing that Clickable Image Links work where straight URL Shorteners weren't working consistently anymore I thought why don't I just combine them. So I went under the hood and the result was ClickMeToGo. Clickable Image Links with complete control over where a user goes as well as link tracking. The best of both worlds combined into one.

Before I hear the others have link tracking and redirection I want to make it clear they still don't have what I have developed. Smart URL Technology. When someone clicks on a ClickMeToGo link their device is Auto Detected and there are three separate links that can be included on each Redirect Created. So you can literally send Desktops to one place, Tablets to another and Mobile Devices to yet a third direction.

So what does this mean for you. You don't have to be able to get your mobile site on your customers server just create a link that sends them to the Main Website when on Desktop and off to your mobile optimized site when on a Mobile Device. Need to send someone to a Fan Page Tab but know mobile devices can't go there. No problem just provide a Mobile Link that delivers the same content to their phone that you have on the Fan Page Tab. Finally a Page Tab solution for Mobile.

Link Tracking beyond just how many clicks the link received. With Smart URL Technology clicks are also tracked by device. So now instead of just total link clicks you will be able to see how those clicks were divided among Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Device. Now you see just what kind of traffic you are actually getting.

What Do You See In Your Facebook Newsfeed

On Social Media it is all about content. In the world of this content Images and Video are King. Now you are empowered to become the Master of your content whether it is your site or someone elses. With what I like to call Facebook Operation Zero it is getting harder and harder to get anyones attention on Facebook. If no one interacts or shares content from your page no one sees it. Now you can give them something to comment on and share. The best thing about it is you can now have total control over your and others content.

Now this isn't rocket science. Share content and images people find interesting or incentivize them to like and share and your content gets seen. No likes or shares no post reach. ClickMeToGo takes it one step further. Every time someone likes or shares your content they are sharing your link as well. Get traffic to drive traffic to your your content or your offers. This is equally useful whether you are a local small business or a business consultant.

Now consider just how prolific images are in the realm of Social Media.

  • Facebook has made its new timeline more visual because they know that is what their users are sharing.

  • Pinterest is all about sharing images and bookmarking sites

  • Facebook emphasizes images and video for what is seen in the timeline. Just go look at your timeline now and you'll see what I mean.

  • Mobile Apps like Instagram that publish image content as its main content.

  • Even Google has put an emphasis on Images in their Google+ platform

How ClickMeToGO Posts Look On Your Timeline And Newsfeeds

Start Using Social Media to Promote Your Business Or Services

Facebook Is Still The #1 Social Media Platform In The World. So obviously it is one that we needed to support. We did the research so that we can build those links for you and determined the exact dimensions so that they look good no matter where the sharing takes place. Our links give you total control over where you send your traffic including delivering content to mobile devices when sending Desktop machines to a Fan Page Tab. As you can see they look good as your status update.

Twitter now lets you include media to make your Tweet a visual one. Now you can make your tweets stand out from all the others flying by in Twitterdom. Make your statements visually and get more interraction. Twitter App is now in the dashboard for you to Tweet Away.

Google Plus in its push to say me too is going visual. Get your message out there on Google+ with a visual twist. Spread the news among your circles and get them clicking and interacting. Social Engagement will never be the same when you make it visual.

Pinterest has always been a visual medium. Now you can redirect them to where ever you want. Share your business, other local businesses or even CPA or Affiliate products on your boards. Easily get them on Pinterest with a few clicks of your mouse. Instead of just being visual you can now get click throughs on what you share.

We all make connections on LinkedIn. Now you can make yourself standout in your status updates. Add your own Images, Titles and Descriptions of everything you share and brand to yourself. Using your own custom Whitelabel domain you can brand yourself on LinkedIn. Stop being just another link sharer. Say it with Images and words you control when you join us today.

Whitelabel Lets You Use Your Own Branded Domain

Whitelabel access lets you use your own Branded Domain with our system. We know how it can be when just anyone is allowed to use your system. So we implemented the ability to White Label our system to our users own Domain. The instructions for setting up your domain with your Registrar is in the members area. You will be able to replace our domain name with your domain and it will act as if it is your site. Will still be hosted on our servers. No database creation or installation of updates. All updates are automatic for everyone. We will also make our list of alternative URL's available to our Whitelabel users as well. We will be growing our list of alternative domains to use with the system. You will have a drop down menu to select which domain you want to use. This will safeguard everyone from banned domains.

We will be making this continued investment in our site as we know too well that domain banning is a real possibility. Our competitor no longer is able to post to Pinterest. We want everyone to continue being able to use our system so we will be doing all due diligence to keep damage to our brand to a minimum.

Access To A Growing Library Of Clickable Images To Use

I know how much of a drag it can be to look up images and then have to go and resize them so we will continue looking for great images to add to the collection and resize them to the optimum size. They will be added to the library and you will have access to them there. You will only need to add text to the image appropriate to what you are promoting.

I am also looking seriously at the possibility of adding an image editor inside of the members area so that you can do it there and won't have to use a separate image editor. I will have to look at the resource hits that would place on the server. In the mean time my goal is to get everyone up to speed on using graphics software for the simple task of adding text. This UPDATE just in we are able to add the text to the images and will be able to create a Image Editor in the members area. We are just in the rudimentary stages but it is something we will bring to the members area for those who don't have the technical skills to use graphics editors but can fill out a form and click submit :)

Facebook Tools That will keep growing without making you pay more

The first tool we are working on for the members area is a set of Fan Page Iframe Tabs that you can set up from within the Dashboard and then link them to your page. This will make them live once you add our app to your page. Using this in conjunction with ClickMeToGo links will allow you to deliver your content even to mobile devices by using our SmartURL Technology. Just make sure your content is responsive.

Next up in the planning funnel is a Facebook List Builder. The same way you got on a list to be notified when we went live you will be able to set up for yourself as well as your clients. We will continue with development and keep bringing more and more tools for you to use in your dashboard area.

We are now open for Beta Prelaunch At A Price That Won't Be Repeated

We are launching at a one off price that will never be repeated after launch. Everything that we are including now with the prelaunch will cost $27 or more per month recurring at launch in addition to the $49 get started fee. We are offering this deal to our exlusive lists only. No affiliates are involved at this time. If you are finding out about this you likely already know me. I have a reputation for staying with my projects and not walking away. This is a 6 year old project that I have rewritten for use with the way things are now on Social Media. It will make you able to post links that you wouldn't be able to otherwise. Buy now you won't be disappointed and I'll see you on the inside.

ClickMeToGo Whole Enchilada Beta Prelaunch

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